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I'm Sharon Peach, and welcome to Peach, my longarm quilting business. A few words about myself - I've been interested in sewing and fabrics since the 1970's. Right around 2000, I turned that interest from "apparel" into more of a focus on quilting and related crafts.

Like many quilters, I focused most of my early efforts on "piecing", or assembling the elements of a quilt top in a pleasing manner. I quilted some of my smaller pieces myself on table top machines, but I "hired out" many of my larger pieces to professional longarm quilters. My collaboration with them made me realize how the interaction of quilting and piecing is an intricate dance that can really become more than the sum of the parts.

Early retirement from a career as a C.P.A. allowed me to dive more deeply into the quilting arts, and after renting time on some other longarm machines, taking some classes, and chatting with some of my mentors, I gathered my courage in 2012 and bought a large Gammill machine complete with Statler Stitcher.

My association with the Stray Threads Quilt Guild (founding member, past Treasurer) and Quilters Anonymous has given me a steady supply of charity quilts to hone my craft on, and I am now easing myself into taking on longarming work on a professional basis.

I'm located in Woodinville, Washington, actually just about a mile up the hill from the grange where Stray Threads meets, which coincidentally is also right near a favorite quilt shop of mine, Gathering Fabric. You can drop me an email at if you'd like to set up a time to meet and discuss your project.

I try to regularly post in The Blog - ...Adventures in Longarming about my latest projects, so if you're interested in that sort of thing, give it a look.

What sort of quilting?
I own thousands of quilting patterns, and I have access to thousands more. It's all about what you, the customer, want from the quilt. The right quilt pattern can add elegance, whimsy, either complement or contrast with the piecing choices you have made, or if you prefer the quilting can 'disappear' into the top and merely stabilize your work of art.

The patterns can be a jumping off point if you prefer. Patterns can be combined to highlight an edge treatment or even be different block to block.



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