I’m getting better!

I am starting to get the hang of my edge to edge quilting designs. Here are three quilts that I finished up today. The first quilt is one that I made from an Atkinson design called Urban Cabin using leftovers from a Cherry Bali Pop. So easy and fast, great for a charity quilt. This quilt is quilted with a Kim Diamond Rose edge to edge. The second quilt was quilted with an Anne Bright design called Brocade. And the third quilt was done with an Anne Bright design called Brenda’s Tulips.







Training DVDs



Well, I just finished watching about 13 hours of training videos. The “Understanding Creative Studio” DVD set by Al Hutchins at The Quilt Artistry Studio explains the features and use of Creative Studio in clear and straightforward terms. I now feel that I have a good understanding of the program basics. I would highly recommend these videos to any new Statler Stitcher operator. Great job Al!

I finished my first charity quilt!

As I suspected, there is a steep learning curve to this. I started going through the training manual and proceeded to get stuck on each quilt that I was training on. What was I missing? What was causing my problems? Unable to move forward with the training manual, I changed over to training dvds. Well, after watching 10 hours of training dvds, I was finally able to finish the charity quilt I had previously been stuck on. WooHoo!! Pictures are attached. Maybe not the fanciest quilt, but it is quilted!! Back to the DVDs…

My first day…

Well, now that I own the machine of my dreams, I need to learn how to use it. I spent the day working on basics.  It was very challenging, which could explain why my head hurts tonight. Baby steps, right?  I will start again tomorrow.  I do think it is the coolest thing ever, I just need some lessons.  I am excited for the future.  Later Gators!