Eva’s Sunbonnet Sue

This quilt has a great story. Donna brought me this quilt to quilt. It was made by Eva, a 93 year old lady in her church. Donna and a group of church ladies are helping Eva finish her quilts. Eva started making these Sunbonnet Sues when she was twelve and has completed them over her lifetime. Eva is currently in the hospital and my greatest hope is that she recovers and is able to enjoy this wonderful quilt for many years to come. Here is the quilt.





Look at what Pat made!

Pat and her sister each made this quilt pattern but each chose their own color scheme and fabrics. Each sister is making her quilt without the other sister knowing what color/fabrics she is using. When they are finished, they plan to have a big reveal. So this is Pat’s quilt, she chose Anne Bright’s Damask Lite for the quilting design and we used Glide Military Gold for the thread. I just love this quilt, the colors are striking. Great job Pat!