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My pricing is per square inch (width x length) for Longarm machine quilting:

Edge to Edge Pattern: .02 - .035
Custom: .04 - .15
Prices effective November 24, 2014

Thread: Thread is included in the quilting price except for color changes and variegated thread.
$5.00 for each color change and $5.00 upcharge for variegated thread.
Batting: $15 per yard for Dream Blend (70% Cotton / 30% Polyester)or 100% Cotton Select. $16 per yard for Dream Wool batting.
Fabric Preparation: $20 per hour - this includes washing the backing, clipping threads, ironing, trimming backing or batting to correct size.
Note: As of May 1, 2015, first-time customer discounts are no longer available.
Rush Charge: $30
Sales Tax: WA residents - local and state sales tax rates apply.
Minimum Charge: $35 per quilt for quilting charges.
Shipping Available: You may elect to have your finished quilt returned to you by mail. You will be charged the actual cost of mailing, delivery confirmation and insurance plus a $10 handling fee. The insurance value will be calculated at three times the value of the quilting charges.

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